You’ve got a clip or two (or more), your confidence is on the rise, and you’re trying to plot your next move. Maybe you’ve sold a personal essay or op-ed, and you want to branch out to reported articles or features. Or you want to further develop a niche or beat by selling a story in your sweet spot to a higher-profile publication. Or you want to figure out how to increase the odds of getting into the pages of your dream publication.


Next Course: September 14-25         Instructor: Andrea L. Volpe


Focus: Upping Your Chances helps you strategize your next pitching and writing moves so that you can increase your chances of matching an idea with a publication and sell what you’re pitching. Topics include researching publications, re-angling or re-purposing a pitch, and when to put it aside; tips for adapting your writing style to different publications; developing a beat or a niche, or deepening the one you’ve got; along with advice on developing relationships with editors and getting organized so you can pounce on a news peg. We will also have Q and As with successful freelancers who are doing the things you want to be doing. 


Target Audience:  Someone who has experience with pitching and submitting, and perhaps has taken one of the other TW classes. Anyone who want to work, in tandem, on story development develop and pitching tactics, who wants to be more strategic about pitching, or who want to branch out into new genres. To get the most out of the course, you’ll share your research on publications, tell us about your ideas for articles, comment on your classmates’ work in progress, and ask us questions. We also recommend that you set yourself a goal for the course, such as sending out two new pitches in a new genre or to a new publication. However, none of the above is required. You are welcome to lurk.


Andrea L. Volpe is a writer, critic, and historian. Her work has appeared in The New York TimesThe AwlDameAfterimage, and Fine Books and Collections, among others. She is also a speechwriter, a ghostwriter, and a developmental editor, and helped launch History of the Present. She holds a PhD in history from Rutgers and has taught college writing, creative nonfiction and memoir, American history, literature, and art history. 

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