Your wrote your dissertation on a topic with legs. Or maybe you’ve written one monograph—a good, old-fashioned, tenure book—and want a bigger audience for your next one. Or maybe you’ve been dabbling with op-ed pieces and short features, and you’d like to replicate the rush of connecting with actual, honest-to-God, readers in your next book-length project. Where do you begin? And more importantly, how do you convince editors and agents that you can write beyond your discipline?

Next Course  July 27-August 14

Instructor  Audra J. Wolfe

Focus   How to Pitch Better Scholarly Books demystifies the process of envisioning, developing, and pitching ideas for books that can appeal to both scholarly and trade audiences—known to publishers as “crossover books.” Major topics include identifying appropriate topics, approaches, audiences, and presses; whether or not you need an agent; how to write a winning book proposal; and steps all authors can take to generate interest in their books. We’ll also talk about how crossover books differ from more traditional scholarly books and the pros and cons of each approach for authors with academic affiliations. Participants will have opportunities to ask questions of both a university press editor and a literary agent.

Target Audience  This course is open to both first-time and experienced writers, but it helps to have a book idea in mind. The course is particularly appropriate for academics who are hoping to write beyond their disciplines. 

Course Fee  US$400