While How to Pitch and Submit is open to anyone, but the impetus behind it is to help improve the gender disparity in bylines (see VIDA) and to help academics and grad students reach wider audiences. The course has also helped many established freelancers challenge themselves as writers and break into new markets, including The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, The New York Times, The Economist.com, The Wall Street Journal, ScientificAmerican.com, Guernica, Mental Floss, Tablet, The Awl, and elsewhere.

Next Course July 6-17

Instructor  Anne Trubek

Focus  How to Pitch and Submit helps you develop, pitch, and submit articles, op-eds and essays.  Topics include sample pitches that sold, editorial back-and-forths on queries and op-eds, researching markets, how to find ideas, advice on how to make and manage money and more. We offer a Q&A with a prominent editor or a successful freelancer and share Q&As we have done in previous courses with editors from The Chronicle of Higher Education, SmithsonianMag.com, Jacobin, Pacific Standard, Mental Floss and more.

Target Audience   Someone who has some experience writing, be it academic or journalistic or blogging.  However, there are no barriers to entry, no prerequisites. All are welcome. To get the most out of the course, you will share your work with the group. Show us your pitches-in-progress, tell us about your ideas for op-eds and ask us questions. We also recommend that you set yourself a goal for the course, such as sending out two new pitches or finishing some of the half-baked pitches in your drafts folder. However, none of the above is required. You are welcome to lurk.

Course Fee $200