this class was everything I was hoping for and more

I can’t recommend this course highly enough. Anne went beyond all of my expectations as both instructor and mentor in “drawing back the curtain” of freelance writing. 

I made a sale three days into Anne’s course

It will only take a minute reading any of Anne’s work to figure out that she’s smart–and that is what this course is all about: the chance to hear from someone who has made this shift from the ivy tower into broader print in such an intelligent, creative way. 

If you’re serious about being a successful published writer in any field, take this class.

March 2012: Took Anne’s course, with the one-on-one feedback aspect. May 2012: Got my piece published in the biggest newspaper in SF. Thank you Anne for making getting published seem not only do-able, but just a series of small steps (and emails) away. You are a treasure trove of a resource!

Good writers are a dime a dozen. To be successful, you need to learn what Anne teaches.

Although I have experience with academic writing, Anne’s course (which I took in September 2013) helped me better understand how to write pitch letters and write for a more general audience. I came in with one decent but overly-long and somewhat dry pitch, and left with two much better pitches, a better understanding of what editors are looking for, and some really useful feedback from Anne and from other participants

best thing I got out of this course was a sense of community with the other writers